President’s Message

President Message to all RUNVAN Members

Dear All RUNVAN members

RB Vaidya

RB Vaidya

It is our  great pleasure to be elected as the President of RUNVAN for 2014-15and 2016-17. I thank you all for giving me  the  opportunity  to  lead  the  professional organization  with  full  of  professional people, who  has excelled their expertise National and Internationally.

The  management  of  this  organization  has  been  an  example  in  the  past  and  will  be  excelling  in  the future  too.  RUNVAN  aim  to  achieve  its  objective, honoring its  constitution strictly.  Primarily  the process begins with the associating all the members and committing towards protection, welfare and rights of RUNVAN members.

As RUNVAN has  been  established  as  a  center for promoting  volunteerism  and  will  continue  to promote  volunteerism in  future. RUNVAN  continue  to  establish itself  for, research studies,  training and for advisory activities for social development aiming at serving mankind.
We RUNVAN members to values  free  will, commitment,  engagement  and  solidarity  by  reflecting  its  attitude  and  actions under the core value of volunteerism. Our executive  committee, always request our members to come together for developing RUNVAN for gaining newer height of RUNVAN. Your kind advice, support is always appreciated. Your investment of time and interest is sure to make RUNVAN success in achieving its goal.

Thank you very much
RB Vaidya
President RUNVAN